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Supported entirely by advertising, it is distributed free of charge every Wednesday in newsstands in businesses and libraries around the city and suburbs. Average circulation for the Metro Times is 50, weekly. News, weather, sports from Minneapolis, St. Paul and Minnesota

Average readership is just over , weekly. Its annual "Best of Detroit" survey awards local businesses.

The categories include "Public Square" city life ; "Spend the Night" nightlife and bars ; "Nutritional Value" restaurants and food ; and "Real Deal" retail and other stores. Starting with the January 19—25 issue, the Metro Times had its own exclusive crossword, crafted by Brooklyn-based cruciverbalist Ben Tausig, who appears in the documentary Wordplay.

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The crossword was cut in May , to save space. The paper was founded in by publisher and editor Ron Williams. Kim Heron announced his departure. Heron had previously been the paper's managing editor. In March , after three months during which Michael Jackman was interim editor, the publisher named Bryan Gottlieb as Editor-in-Chief. The Metro Times was an official sponsor of the now-defunct Detroit Festival of the Arts and had one of the stages named after it.

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The headquarters are located in Midtown Detroit. Frank Building in Midtown.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Detroit Metro Times Inner cover of the February 1—7, Metro Times - The outer cover also has this image but with a Budweiser advertisement covering the lower right corner. Association of Alternative Newsweeklies. Retrieved Metro Times.

Motor City Muckraker. With both the Sun and Venus, planet of harmony, entering your birth sign this week, you can stop worrying about the past and start planning for the future. This is also the time to bring to the boil something that has been on the back burner for too long. LEO 24 July Aug. A close relationship or love affair appears to be at a crossroads, and a tough decision has to be made.

However, you are advised not to do anything until after Mercury, planet of communication, resumes its normal direction on Thursday. This is also a good time to get rid of some of the emotional junk that has been inhibiting your progress. You seem to be the only person who truly understands the reasons behind a family or domestic problem, and the only person who can solve it.

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Even if certain people appear determined to work against you, cosmic forces are urging you to get it sorted as soon as possible. Both the Sun and your creative ruler Venus cross the midheaven point of your chart this week, which means that the time has come to get serious about your ambitions.

So isolate your number one goal and focus on it to the exclusion of all else. Which means you have no reason to let a lack of cash stop you making fundamental changes to the more lacklustre aspects of your life.

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Because there is a Full Moon in your birth sign this week, partners and loved ones are likely to be particularly demanding. It is all part of their repertoire of dramatic effects: ignore it and they will calm down and start behaving normally. It would be wise to keep certain thoughts and feelings to yourself early in the week, especially when it comes to those closest to you, as they are likely to be oversensitive.

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They will be much easier to approach once Venus, planet of harmony, enters your opposite sign on Wednesday. Even so, it will still pay you to be diplomatic. Mind planet Mercury resumes its normal direction this week, which means that any doubts you have had about your abilities will quickly be forgotten. On the work front, in particular, you will soon be in control again. You are closer to completing a creative project than you seem to realise, so try pushing yourself that little bit harder.