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The Sabian symbol for Pisces representatives born on March 4th of a leap year, and two years following it:. There are both action and consequence held in these Sabian symbols, one standing for aggression that is about to be displayed with pride, and the other of a warm and soft side of the ultimate sacrifice.

March 4 - personality & famous birthdays

This isn't an easy story that is told, but it is a story of convictions that lead to circumstance, aggression for a cause that gives results that someone enjoys, even if they are both not in sync with the moral imperative of the world we strive for. The collective plays a large part here too, for we see that both of these symbols may cause nausea and resistance in many different people for many different reasons, while awareness of soft and humane ways to live rises on Earth year after year.

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The genuine role of each person born on the 4th of March is to set free from loops caused by any form of aggression. While their planetary row and Sun sign don't seem to have a strong connection with Mars, it is clear that the circumstance and karma caused by actions that endanger the fine emotional threads of their heart, create a wound they are meant to heal. Freedom is their imperative, freedom of prejudice, moral bounds that hold them down, and stiff negative convictions that make them stand in place. As they reach each higher step of consciousness in this lifetime, they come to find that they can do and create anything they imagine, if they only find meaning in the Universal truth.

With an idea of love that needs to be brought to life, some of those born on March 4th will feel the need to provoke it in a relationship with another human being, while others might turn to their love for God.

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Whatever the case, the love they seek is there for the taking and they will find a way to manifest it wherever they feel their path might lead. They will never lack idealism or the spark of magic needed to keep their love life going, and in general, they need a partner to follow their changeable nature and their unpredictable personal growth. Their love story must have a purpose and a strong foundation at the same time, and they will rarely stick around if they don't find the essence and emotional depth in a bond.

Fear can guide them from time to time, but their mission is to set free and they will do so ready to risk with something new and exciting every time their heart needs to expand. Individuals born on March 4th excel in all sorts of activities that include guarding, boundaries and restrictions. They can become dieticians, medical workers, and even prison guards, depending on the role they were born to live out. They work well under constant light pressure and need to respect deadlines in order to bring out their professional maximum.

March 4 Zodiac Birthday Horoscope

Ambitious and in need of learning and higher knowledge, they might decide to continue with education in their 70s or 80s or build up to the highest ladder in areas that aren't typically researched by many. To find the best possible way to ground their ideas and do something to manifest their visions, individuals born on the 4th of March should use chrysanthemum. This stone is a bit extreme in shades of black and white, speaking of the ability to unify the dark and the bright side of life into oneness. It is thought to bring luck, help one move forward when they get stuck, and serves well to aid the intent of fulfilling dreams that weren't energized enough to come to life.

It isn't easy to choose a gift for a person born on the 4th of March, not because they are demanding, but because it isn't easy to see their core from all the outer manifestations and vibes. They tend to use the sign of Pisces to hide in it, and know exactly how to show themselves as little as possible, even to those who know them quite well. For official purposes, it is good to choose something expensive and old, with tradition and depth, like an extremely old bottle of wine or a painting that would fit their colorful personality.

Still, to satisfy their inner need, this won't be enough. Touch their heart by touching their inner child and make a music mix that has songs from their childhood, maybe something you listened to when you first met, or a picture collage that shows the flow of your relationship.

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