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They understand these things because they are explained along the way. This process of understanding also greatly assists in developing one's astrological practice, as the symbolism is more easily and accurately applied to real life concerns. This is an area where more modern forms of astrology struggle as they often provide little or no information about the reason why astrological concepts or techniques mean what they mean. This void in philosophical grounding or developmental understanding is often filled with historically inaccurate ideas and claims; such as utilization of psychological explanations, application of ancient myth, attempts to introduce Eastern religious ideas to the system where they were not previously, pleas to other esoteric or occult traditions, or just making things up or insisting they be taken at face value.

Isn't medieval astrology outdated? We don't live in the middle ages. Medieval astrology only refers to techniques and philosophies that were developed or refined within the historical medieval period.

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It is an identifier more than it is a limit on what it can do or how it can be used. While it's true that we no longer live in the middle ages, it is also true that - aside from technological developments - not much has really changed. Proponents of newer forms of astrology will often claim that humanity has evolved or is somehow fundamentally different now than we were in the past. However, people today still struggle with common life concerns such as health, money, career opportunities, and loved ones.

These concerns are central to the human condition and medieval astrology is the perfect tool to investigate these concerns and strategize around them.

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How is medieval astrology different from modern astrology? There are actually several significant ways medieval and modern astrologies differ from one another. Maybe the most important is the way in which the two systems approach a natal chart from a philosophical perspective. Modern astrology sees the entire natal chart as being a reflection of the native's psyche with each planet being descriptive of some subjective emotional or mental process the Moon is emotions and instinct, Mercury is thinking and communicating, Venus is love, etc.

This makes modern astrology great for its intended purpose; character analysis. Medieval astrology sees the natal chart as a reflection of the objective conditions of the native's life with only a small part of it indicating the native themselves. Everything else relates to concrete life experiences such as wealth, family, health, and career, among other things.

The planets in the natal chart then take on roles of representing these different areas symbolically leading to astrological interpretation. That is not to say that medieval astrology completely ignores the psychology or characterization of the individual, just that it is a limited part of the chart. Medieval astrology emphasizes planets and scrutinizes them to determine if they are strong or weak, well or ill-placed and translating that into areas of difficulty or ease for the individual.

Modern astrology emphasizes signs as psychological instruments.

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Medieval astrology focuses on prediction and assisting in maneuvering through life's many hills and valleys and has a wide array of techniques in order to accomplish this, such as horary, elections, and various natal techniques. Modern astrology's focus in prediction is very limited, mostly consisting of predicting emotional fluxations instead of concrete events or themes. Other than these main philosophical points, there are numerous technical differences between the two disciplines.

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You can almost walk on air. This is when you have the greatest chance of meeting your Prince Charming, fall in love together and marry him. But as you must have guessed, your Cinderella Gateway is open only for a few times in your life and only briefly each time. Don't miss it. It is crucial that you take advantage of it whenever it occurs in your own life. By studying the following illustrations of Cinderella's, you can begin to learn how to recognize the opening of your own Cinderella Gateway so you can walk through it before it closes.

Please rest assured that the information was - and continues to be - correct. I have taken the time to now provide links for you to follow if you continue to remain confused or have doubts. You may now review the accuracy of the information objectively, for yourselves. Hopefully this action on my part will clear any doubts and confusion about Cinderella's.

Now if I may make a few comments to those of you who are studying Magi Astrology PLEASE take the time to understand the principles behind the Magi teachings, and then things will make so much more sense to you. Sometimes you must "think outside the box" in order to fully understand the concept behind the teaching. Chiron of course is key to anyone being recognized, their Public Image, ability to be charismatic and ability to become a Cinderella.. Using commonplace astrology, you would never have been able to see this. As we have said Magi Astrology is remarkably consistent, and useful in all sorts of different contexts.

Only the Magi Society has identified how very powerful and important Chiron is with regard to Recognition, MAGIcal levels of Charisma, putting forward a positive Public Image, being seen as Noteworthy, and being thought of as being able to inspire Trust.

This transit is actually the most powerful Cinderella Transit but it is also the most rare so we did not bring it to your attention until now". Chiron-Uranus " In the field of politics, we have noted in our books and on this website that Uranus, the planet which symbolizes Popularity and Fame is the most important planet. Chiron of course is key to anyone being recognized, their Public Image, ability to be charismatic and ability to become a Cinderella They also enhance earning potential.

Venus-Chiron So powerful that it can overpower what outwardly appears to be a total mismatch. Magical Linkage. We have done a lot of research into the merits and pitfalls of The First Trade Chart. What we have found is that the First Trade Chart is worse than useless. The First Trade Chart is misleading. Any money anyone makes from using a First Trade Chart is sheer luck.

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Most of you probably already have had a very bad experience from investing using the First Trade Stock, or by taking the advice of an astrologer who uses the First Trade Chart. We have received a lot of emails detailing horror stories in this regard. It is one thing to use an astrological tool that is worthless. It is much worse to use an astrologically derived tool that is actually misleading.

The First Trade Chart is actually misleading, and very much so. Jupiter-Pluto enhancements are for amassing Fortune in big business, and bring inordinate amounts of Good Fortune. Dragon Points can be created in a number of ways. Transiting Planets can create Dragon Points. We will ultimately teach you about all the various types of Dragon Points.

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  • But in this link, we will only begin to teach about Dragon Points for the astrology of love and sex. Romantic Dragon Point will help us find true love. Sexual Dragon Points are especially powerful in determining to whom we will be most sexually attracted and with whom we can have the very best sex.

    The term "Dragon Points" is derived from the Chinese term that the Magi Society has used for hundreds of years. Sorry it does not sound astrological enough but Dragon Points is pretty accurate descriptively. A Dragon Point is created as the result of superbly powerful forms of Planetary Geometry. A Dragon Point is a point in a chart that is created by a particular type of alignment of specific types of planets. A Heartbreak Transit is really bad and is one of the two worst transits you can have the other is the Nuclear Transit, which is formed whenever transiting Saturn is forming a Clash Angle to natal Jupiter.

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    The Heartbreak Transit and the Nuclear Transit are the worst transits we can have. But it is even worse to have horrible Planetary Geometry formed by transiting planets. Once in a while, as the planets go around and around, the transiting planets line up in such a way with our natal planets so they combine to form powerful Planetary Geometry.

    Whenever this happens, something truly significant can happen in our lives. One of the most powerful forms of Planetary Geometry is the Mystical Triangle. Dragonized Heartbreak Transit is the absolute worst transit anyone can have. The society is now a worldwide organization and has produced three of the most important books ever published on astrology.

    The primary purpose of the Magi Society is to continue to conduct scientific research to improve and expand our knowledge of astrology and to teach it to our members and the world. The Magi Society is also dedicated to helping bring about a universal acceptance of the validity of astrology. The Magi Society has taken on a leadership role in the battle against opponents of astrology.

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    Among astrological organizations, the Magi Society's members are the best educated. At the present time, most of the society's members are college graduates. The percentage of the Magi Society's members that have post graduate degrees is more than three times that of the national average.