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My name number adds up to number 8. So 4, 8 and 7 are numerologically highlighted in my name and birth date. Can you please give me suggestions on how to improve my prospects.

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Can you suggest any numerology change to my name so that I become successful in my life and relationships. Your response would be highly appreciated. Even though u have all ingredients to lead a successful life, your name in 8 is what stands as greatest obstacle, You much change your name full name to 23 or 32 or 41 or 50 to remove these obstacles and taste success. Dear Sir, thanks for your response. You suggested me to make my name number as either 23, 32, 41 or Can it be 14 as it also adds up to number 5? And is it enough if only the full name comes to number 5 and the first name adds up to some other number.

And also, pls suggest how can I get paid consultation from you. Can you tell me if this is ok and if not can you give me a suitable correction. I would preffer if it has a value ONE. My first name adds to 27, last name to My first name, in short dani is 11, should I keep Danielle or Dani. My fathers name was 11, 22, and my mothers 12, This is just, a wonderful site. Is it related to numerology 7?

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And also, does this mean that going by my nickname Jess 12 is better than going by Jessica 17? Do I have to legally drop my last name which will make everything 35? Hello Astronlogiaji, your blog is very useful. My friend who knows bit about numeroly suggested to name the baby with starting letter Ka. While calculating the name value , should calculate value only for given name or include my initial value or my full name value. Because in passport and important document we use full name which first name expantion for initial. We tamil people use initial normally. For ex.

Raja but in my passport its mentioned Thanavelu Raja. He was born 17th may Sir,I need a clarification for my name. Im born 6th march My name is TV. Raja which comes to 15, Only Raja come 5, TV. The best method is to full name rather than initial. Thats more powerful. But the name you use officially and sign is what it counts. Hello: whatever happened to the calculator that used to appear on the right side of the page?????? Thank you. Now to make this name change effective and works for me, what should I do?

Could you please guide me.

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Saravanan, we are searching name for my girl born on , pls suggest us a good name, have a question is the initial will also count on numerology calculation. I feel am unlucky as not getting success in any of the professional field. My birthdate is …full name Rajesh S Acharya.. Could you please help me out.. I would be thankful if you can respond me soon for naming my daughter.

We need to add initial to calculate numeralogical name? I have very confused about to callculate the name.. Bring born under the influence of number 9 and Mars, you should do Hanuman Puja regularly. Hello mam… hw r u?? Bt its nt d same wid me…. I m struggling a lot in my life to get a gud job… N also down with name n fame… No money at all…….. I m suffering a lot sir…..

It wud b a kind of gud gesture. Rules by number 2 and the moon, you are ambitious, tolerant, and charming personality. You are highly enterprising and have an inbuilt talent to impress others, but you need to check your tendency to behave impatient, fickle-minded and careless at times.

You will get many things in life, however your bhagya uday is late. You will be well settled after the 32 year of birth. You should do the below remedies for career gains. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily.

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A Numerology Analysis on Hollywood Flops. Hi Saravana, Thanks a million times to educate us with how to calculate the first n last name value numbers. Thanks again for the name Suggestion, it is growing on me every day. Hi Saravana, Your articles are quite interesting. Having read, I request your views. Also, between 23 and 41, which name number suits me best and is more lucky? Hello Sir, My name is Ravi Prashanth, can you please tell me about my future? Thanking you. Kabeer, That comment was not for you, may be i wrongly send it for you.

Your name comes Without dates, names cannot be finalised for a baby. I do even paid consultation. Miss M, Even though u have all ingredients to lead a successful life, your name in 8 is what stands as greatest obstacle, You much change your name full name to 23 or 32 or 41 or 50 to remove these obstacles and taste success. Whats your birth date, thats very important factor to determine name value in numerology.

Hi Sir, This is just, a wonderful site. I am just wondering how all this is calculated. Stay amazing! Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your reply. Only today i happened see your reply. Regards, Ksajitha Ksajith.

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