January 27 2020 full moon astrology

Moon phases (Full Moon)

The Moon's transit through the declinations will cycle between nominal highs and extreme highs over a period of about 18 years. The last cycle of extreme highs ended in The next cycle of extreme highs will begin in The graph at the bottom of the page is only for the Moon.

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The minus sign "-" represents the Southern declinations. This is a complete list of all the Moon phases in year This lunar list would be highly useful for Moon watchers.

It gives the moon phases, the dates and the exact timings of the occurrence. This would be a valuable source of information and guide to moon phases.

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New Moon: When the Moon is in the same direction as the Sun, its illuminated half would be facing away from the Earth, and therefore the part that faces us is all dark, this we call the new moon. During the New Moon, the Moon and the Sun rise and set at the same time. Waxing Crescent Moon: As the Moon moves around the Earth, we would be able see more of the illuminated half, and we say the Moon is waxing.

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