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Read on to see how this heroic and erotic female has been supplanted with a patriarchy in astrology since the Roman Empire.

Today's Horoscope For Saturday, January 13, 2018 For Each Zodiac Sign

Don't be surprised that your birthday no longer falls in the sign you've grown up with. Astrologers gave you the wrong sign, at least the wrong degree.

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Look at the skies yourself, and you'll see the problem. The Sun, Moon and the planets are not where astrologers say, not even close! Mainstream "tropical" astrology is wildly inaccurate and the laughing stock of science and astronomy.

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Only a sign natal chart can reveal your true sign. Most Western astrologers use an obsolete, year-old system that ignores the Earth's precession of the equinoxes and is off by almost 30 degrees. This is the fatal blow to tropical astrology.

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  8. Science and the rest of the world abandoned the tropical view of the universe years ago. Tropical astrology gets the signs wrong.

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    They are a sign ahead of what is true. If you want the truth, you have to consult sign astrology, the same view of space that NASA and astronomers routinely use to ascertain the correct planetary and sign positions. You want proof?

    Click to Telescope , or get one yourself and check the night sky! How important is accuracy? Astrology, like astronomy, is based on degree, and only works with the correct degree. Astrologers must have an astronomically accurate map to interpret a horoscope correctly. How can tropical astrologers use bogus numbers in their horoscopes? It's pure hubris and subterfuge.

    Only the correct chart, showing the true signs of the planets and luminaries, can help us interpret them in any meaningful way. The system you use to apply the ancient traditional symbols must correlate to the real sky, or what's the point? The astrological view must conform to the actual astronomy for the astrology to work. Astrology was designed thousands of years ago as the greatest sociological study ever attempted! Astrological signs are determined by the position of the sun relative to certain constellations on a person's day of birth. The problem is, the positions were determined more than 2, years ago.

    Nowadays, the stars have shifted in the night sky so much that horoscope signs are nearly a month off.

    Zodiac Sign Dates: What Are The Dates for Every Star Sign?

    The shift is caused by precession, the wobble in the Earth's axis caused by the gravitational attraction of the moon to the Earth's equator. Precession popped into the spotlight this week after Minnesota Planetarium Society board member Parke Kunkle told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune about the gap between the astrological and the astronomical view. The story spread around the Internet quickly, but it's actually old news, Rao said. The attention triggered by his interview with the newspaper has been "astounding. Here's what astronomers know: The Earth is like a wobbly top. As it rotates, its axis swings in a circle, pointing in different directions.

    As the Earth's position shifts, so does our perspective of the night sky.

    For example, Rao said, we take the North Star, Polaris, for granted.