Daily horoscope february 26

Death has been a constant theme for you in the recent past. Do away with anything that feels inauthentic to you. This is the only way to come into your own.

Daily Horoscope: February 26th to February 27th

The transition you are going through promises to bring many blessings even though you may not be able to see them immediately. The light you are seeking awaits you on the other side of this road. Libra, you have some of the most brilliant ideas in the book. The Universe is granting you the gift of clarity. Use it to your advantage.

Or get it to put a ring on you. Stop shying away from talking about forever, baby. For others, this is a time of getting into a long-term commitment with something on the work front. Will this venture help you build the life of your dreams? If you answered in the affirmative, put your name on the dotted line already.

You start the week on a creatively inspired note. Respect the ideas of others like you would your own. Your manifestation game will also be strong in the days to come. Remember, what you seek is seeking you.

Daily Horoscope Tuesday February 26th | Jessica Adams

Get ready to see tangible proof. Your partnerships are blossoming with you, Capricorn.

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Continue to water each other and hold space for growth. Is there somebody in your life you have been holding a grudge against? Release the old wounds.

Horoscope Today, February 26, 12222: Take a look at the astrology prediction for your zodiac sign

When things refuse to go your way, abandon the roadmap. Allow yourself to trust the larger plan and improvise along the way.


There is a blessing in here for you, even though you cannot see it yet. Sensitivity is a gift, Pisces. Open up to the divine downloads. Allow yourself to trust the wise woman within who has been guiding you for years.

Illustrations by Shweta Malhotra Aries horoscope today The journey you have just begun is both new and exciting. Cosmic tip: Forward and onwards. Taurus horoscope today What a wonderful time to be you, Taurus. Cosmic tip: The Universe wants you to receive what you deserve and much more.

Cosmic tip: Go on a digital detox and spend more time connecting with yourself. Cancer horoscope today Your mantra in the days to come: know more, grow more. Cosmic tip: Your dreams and desires are taking a tangible form. Virgo horoscope today Death has been a constant theme for you in the recent past.

Daily Horoscope for Monday, February 26

Cosmic tip: Continue to peel away the layers. Libra horoscope today Libra, you have some of the most brilliant ideas in the book. Cosmic tip: Give those brilliant ideas a tangible form. Sagittarius horoscope today You start the week on a creatively inspired note. Happy Monday! A Cancer moon may make everyone over emotional, while a Venus and Mercury begin aligning with Pluto, which shifts your social life—for better or worser. Here, the daily horoscope for all star signs for Monday, February Want to be the best year ever?

Start prepping now with your horoscope! It may be best to pull back until you have all the information, instead of panicking and checking your phone every five seconds. Ask yourself: When was the last time you cried? The less you say, the better, especially when it comes to situations you may not yet fully have a grasp on.

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Nurturing someone else is a great way to celebrate this Cancer moon. Watch how things unfold. You may also need a pep talk from friends or family—admitting vulnerability could be a very brave thing for you to do.

You may be ready to move on, and you may not even be aware of just how much you have to offer the world.