About planet mercury in astrology

Importance of Mercury in Astrology

If you were born with Mercury in Gemini, lucky you! But you may also make fast promises ones you might not keep and speak out of both sides of your mouth. No matter what zodiac sign your Mercury is in, this planet reveals your dual nature. Mercury in Libra folks could tend toward people-pleasing when they want to keep the peace. To learn where Mercury falls in your natal chart, you can do your chart for free here. The second expression of Mercury shows up through Virgo and is yin, or feminine, in nature. This is the analytical aspect of Mercury.

Planet Meanings and Symbols

Mercury is, to an extent, a planet of action but mostly is where thinking takes place, before taking the big step. It encourages adaptability and flexibility in all life matters and will make the individual more observant and more organized. Because this is the messenger planet, it relates to receiving answers, investigations and curiosity. It influences how much one listens and searches for clues and how they communicate their findings.

Here’s what’s really happening in space

When Mercury is retrograde, it is considered that communications are impaired, there is a higher risk of incidents when traveling and, in general, a lot of misunderstandings are likely to happen. This planet is likely to produce tensions and frictions of all kinds, especially on the basis of confusions, be them small or complex. It challenges the individual to be clear and concise when trying to achieve something.

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It may relate to how difficult it is for some to be rational and accept something that is happening, without showcasing their adversity. It also refers to deep compromises one may need to make in life to keep things in movement, especially when afraid of being judged by others. Mercury is the planet of communication and it symbolises areas related to commerce, trade, accounts, banking, mobile, networking, computers and so on.

Planets – Mercury

A strong Mercury signifies success in the above-mentioned areas. Mercury also controls the works related to telephone, telegraphs, e-mails, couriers and other types of posts. Thus, well-placed strong Mercury is seen in the horoscope of writers, astrologers, news reporters, media persons, mathematicians, chartered accountants, lawyers, dealers, brokers, businesspersons, etc.

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Several successful artists, sculptors and salespersons possess good Mercury in their birth chart. If well placed, it signifies : Business mind, cleverness, wisdom, and mathematical skills. If negatively placed, it signifies : poor grasping power, speech problems, communication problems, dullness.

Diseases caused : Skin problems, obsession, giddiness, speech issues, lack of grasping power, problems in understanding. Charity for Mercury : Green cloth, green vegetables, pulses, green grass for the cow. To Get Your Personalised Solutions! Talk To Astrologer Now.

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